Shows to see: Ty Segall, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Chicha Libre, and more | Bleader

Shows to see: Ty Segall, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Chicha Libre, and more


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Sometimes it's hard to keep up on all the live music happening in Chicago every week. We all need help, and even here in the office we rely on one another to cover all the nooks and crannies. The Soundboard page at includes every show we write about for the paper, plus other notable and recommended concerts, arranged by day—three choices every day at minimum, and sometimes many more. Refresh the page and the selection will often change.

After the jump, some Soundboard picks to carry you through the weekend.

Thu 5/10: Ty Segall & White Fence at Lincoln Hall
San Francisco garage-rock wild man Ty Segall, who I covered this week, is hard to pin down. "You can never predict what Segall's next record will sound like from listening to the previous one—Hair, released a couple of weeks ago, is an action-packed eight-song collaboration with fellow Bay Area denizen White Fence (ne Tim Presley), who shares Segall's preference for getting shit done quickly. The clash of their personalities sometimes provides a nice tension—they don't seem to have sweated how to combine their contributions to each song."

Fri 5/11: Jimmie Dale Gilmore at Montrose Room
Texas roots icon Jimmie Dale Gilmore was part of "a wave of young artists who grew up on country music but had more in common with hippies than they did with typical country fans," writes Miles Raymer. These artists "sought to rescue the form from what they saw as its reactionary social views and bedazzled Nashville extravagance—thus making room for pot smokers with long hair and progressive politics who happened to like Hank Williams every bit as much as any redneck did."

Sat 5/12: Chicha Libre at Old Town School
New York's raucous Chicha Libre was inspired by the Peruvian variant of cumbia known as chicha, but as Bill Meyer writes, founder Olivier Conan and his five confederates "were free to transform the ensemble's music into something more international—and following their varied tastes, they soon did."

Sat 5/12: Electric Six at Double Door
Leor Galil is pretty excited that Electric Six will be playing their 2003 debut Fire, from top to bottom at this show. "Everyone has one song they're willing to break out at any social occasion, absolutely certain it'll be a hit no matter who's there," he writes. "For the second half of the aughts, I would play Electric Six's 'Danger! High Voltage' whenever a party looked like it was headed for an early demise."

Sun 5/13: Travis Reuter Quartet at Hungry Brain
This New York guitarist has created some tricky music inspired by "new complexity" composer Brian Ferneyhough and brainy saxophonist Steve Lehman, but his tunes are about giving his bandmates something to chew on. As I write this week, "The compositions are heady and difficult, with dizzying unison passages and shattered-glass counterpoint, and their ever-changing contexts provide a surplus of raw material for improvisation."