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Some food porn from My Mother's Kitchen


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Fried chicken and spaghetti
There's been a lot breast-beating in recent times about the death of the city's great soul food restaurants, but as far as I can tell, not many food-media types noticed when My Mother's Kitchen opened last October near the border of Oak Park on North Avenue in Galewood. It's a bright, spiffy meat-and-two where owner Carol Simmons, a Natchez, Mississippi, native, puts out a daily chalkboard menu comprising whatever "'Mother” feels like cooking on any given day, which could mean short ribs and mac and cheese on Sunday, smothered chicken and black-eyed peas and okra on Wednesday, liver and onions and collards on Thursday, and house-made desserts every day.

She's also got fried chicken every day, and as far as yardbirds go it isn't too bad, crispy and greaseless, if a bit small. The catfish is skillfully fried too, though the shrimp creole is pretty one-dimensional—some crustaceans swimming in an overabundance of underseasoned tomato sauce, nearly indistinguishable from the stuff poured over the spaghetti side. The green beans seemed like they were dumped from a can too, and the kidney beans were cooked with andouille and another sausage that seemed an awful lot like regular old hot dogs, prompting a pal to describe them as "soulless soul food." On the other hand, a side of zucchini and summer squash was fresh and obviously seasoned with some care. I didn't take a careful photo of those but I got some others you might want to take look at.

shrimp creole


aint easy being this green

My Mothers Kitchen

My Mother's Kitchen, 6818 W North, (773) 887-4368

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