Japanese Lady Gaga fans rule, unsurprisingly | Bleader

Japanese Lady Gaga fans rule, unsurprisingly


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Japanese Lady Gaga fans
Right now controversial superstar photographer Terry Richardson (I try to not let some of my minor issues regarding what I know about him as a person interfere with my very real enjoyment of his work) is on the road with Lady Gaga, shooting her Asian tour. The pair have collaborated before on a photo book, Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, and Richardson has become more or less her official photo documentarian—it's a pretty synergistic and fun-looking relationship. He's also shooting a lot of Asian Little Monsters, and as much love as I have for American Gaga fans, you know that there is no way that the Japanese ones aren't going to easily out-berserk them in the costume department. Richardson has been posting shots regularly to his Tumblr. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what further sartorial insanity Gaga's Asian horde has to offer.