Shows to see: Hive Mind, Meshuggah, Damien Jurado, and more | Bleader

Shows to see: Hive Mind, Meshuggah, Damien Jurado, and more


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  • Meshuggah
Just because the weekend is over doesn't mean it's time to turn into a stay-at-home slug—live music in Chicago never stops. You can check out some picks from the Soundboard page after the jump—or you might consider the fourth and final installment of this season's MusicNow series at the Harris this evening, with a program that includes Anna Clyne's fantastic Rapture. Or there's inimitable Robbie Fulks playing an unlikely mixture of songs by Fountains of Wayne and Wayne "the Train" Hancock—the program is called "Fountains of Wayne Hancock." That's also tonight, over at the Hideout.

Mon 5/14: Hive Mind at Burlington Bar
Feeling down? Would you like to? Hive Mind's Greh Holder has just the thing for you—he specializes in the sounds of existential dread. As I write this week, "Holger dispenses entirely with niceties like melody and vocals—his bleak, unfriendly music zeroes in on sputtering, saw-toothed tones thick with queasy portent, which sound like the last gasps of an idling engine at some points and an industrial plant humming at full tilt at others."

Tue 5/15: Meshuggah at House of Blues
Philip Montoro doesn't blame Swedish death metal heavies Meshuggah for the "djent" wannabes following in their wake. When he analyzes the overlapping meters in the quintet's ferocious attack, it almost seems like he's solving a mathematical equation, but it's clearly much more fun: "The groove of 'Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion' sounds like a nest of massive eccentric gears milled from blocks of gray extraterrestrial metal, driven by a chain that slips—but drummer Thomas Haake superimposes a regular snare backbeat on that unparseable rhythm (which, of course, he's also playing)."

Tue 5/15: La Sera at Township
Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls has come into her own with her second solo album as La Sera, says Kevin Warwick. "Goodman returns with the dreamy Sees the Light, which benefits both from the introduction of a full band and from the sonic equivalent of Pacific Ocean sway—the hypnotic 'Real Boy' is practically sipping-from-a-coconut, island-­hammock music."

Wed 5/16: Damien Jurado @ Schubas
Warwick is also down with Damien Jurado's ongoing partnership with LA studio whiz Richard Swift. The singer's new Maraqopa, he writes, "plays with Jurado's folk-rock palette, loosening the tightly wound hooks and broadening the sound—yes, extra coats of reverb usually help when you're going for bigger and grander, but the two of them also add a new layer of peculiarity and even more somberness (if you can imagine) by experimenting with noise and nontraditional melody."

Meshuggah photo: Anthony Dubois

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