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Charity works much faster, funnier on Twitter


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The 10,000 Twitter followers of @TriciaLockwood raised $10,000 for her husband's rare eye surgery in just over 12 hours today, ensuring that the guy, an editor, won't go blind in the next few weeks.

"Jersus Chronst thank you so much everyone I feel so many emotions right now that I think I am becoming ALMOST a female," she tweeted. [Sic, sic.] You can read about the surgery here, but you can't help anymore—she shut down the PayPal link as soon as her cult following ponied up the money.

@TriciaLockwood, aka New Yorker-published poet Patricia Lockwood, is known best for her "sexts," which aren't what you think. Here's a good one: "Sext: I give u the Heimlich maneuver when u don't even need the Heimlich maneuver. A grape pops out of u that u never even ate." [Sic, sic, sic, sic.]

That cult following I mentioned? I'm not kidding. @linernotesdanny asked, "if he Sees but fails to Observe can I have my dollar back," and @medium_pulp said, "if @tricialockwood RTs this i will donate $20 so her husband's eyes can keep witnessing man's inhumanity to man & gay-ass colors."There's lots, lots more like that from her followers, who all come from the part of the Internet that finds it to be a literary experiment in fighting off the darkness—which might explain the money they threw at one lucky man's eyes.

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