Fuck yeah little kids reenacting the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video | Bleader

Fuck yeah little kids reenacting the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video


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Hell yes.
  • Hell yes.
While the passing of Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch is sad for probably a couple dozen distinct reasons, I find it's possible to be less bummed about it by concentrating on the example he set with the way he lived his life—that is, wringing every drop of joy and love and everything else that makes life worth living from every experience he encountered, so that he packed at least two lifetimes' worth of all those things into the abbreviated time he spent on Earth. And I'm happy to see that so many other people have chosen to remember him this way—there's been no shortage of touching and heartfelt eulogies written about him, but it's good and proper that many other tributes focus instead on the way he lived and not the way he died, and on the lessons that we can all learn from him.

That lesson is to take your wildest ideas and just roll with them. Make that weird, career-jeopardizing record. Write that long and surreally insulting letter to the New York Times reviewer who dissed your video, and do it in the guise of an imaginary Swiss film director. And if your heart moves you to re-create the iconic video for the Beasties' "Sabotage" with small children in the roles of the 70s-era cops and criminals, just go out there and make it happen.

Check out the results of someone living that particular dream after the jump.

If we walk away from watching this having learned only one thing, it's that there is nothing funnier than a little kid in aviators and a cop mustache pounding his fist on a table in frustration.


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