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Swedish trumpeter Emil Strandberg makes his Chicago debut



Emil Strandberg
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On Thursday evening Swedish trumpeter Emil Strandberg makes his local debut at Elastic, improvising in various combinations with some of Chicago's finest: trumpeter Jaimie Branch, bass clarinetist Jeff Kimmel, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, drummer Frank Rosaly, and modular synthesizer player Brian Labycz. Over the past couple of years Strandberg has emerged as one of Scandinavia's most impressive horn players, but he's yet to make a record under his own leadership. Instead he's proved himself an excellent sideman, working in a wide array of contexts.

A few years ago Strandberg released a terrific leaderless album called Stockholm Sweden Polyphony (Found You) with pianist Sten Sandell and bassist Patric Thorman, and it's probably most illustrative of what he'll do at Elastic. Even in the most oblique, jagged surroundings, Strandberg is a warmly melodic player, so naturally he thrives in relatively song-oriented projects. He plays with Josef och Erika, the beautiful art-pop duo of bassist and singer Josef Kallderdahl and singer Erika Angell, and in 2011 he participated in an unusual session for Cornelis vs. Riedel (Playground Music), which matches up veteran mainstream jazz bassist George Riedel, his daughter Sarah, and folk-rock singer Nicolai Dunger. Strandberg is also a member of jazz-pop-improv-whatsit group Paavo, which includes the great singer Sofia Jernberg.

Strandberg and Jernberg are both in Seval as well, another fantastic genre-averse group of (mostly) Swedes that also includes Thorman, guitarist David Stackenas, and Chicago cellist Lonberg-Holm. Last year they released a wonderful album called I Know You (482 Music)—Lonberg-Holm wrote all the music—and in the song below you can hear how expertly Strandberg fits his tuneful style into the ensemble.

Seval, "Just Don't Listen"

Today's playlist:

Jason Palmer, Songbook (Ayva)
Keith Jarrett Trio, Somewhere Before (Atlantic)
Burhan Öçal & the Trakya All Stars, Kirklareli Il Siniri (Doublemoon)
Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade, Brain Dance (Cuneiform)
Fucked Up, David Comes to Life (Matador)