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Outfit for a 60-degree spring day (plus shoes)
  • Shutterstock / Nancy Catherine Walker
  • Outfit for a 60-degree spring day (shoes not included)
Honestly, there are really only a handful of instances outside of Halloween and jaunts to Medieval Times in which I consider donning a traditional cape—not something you can buy at American Apparel—to be fashionably appropriate: singing "Please, Please, Please," camping at Burning Man, living in a Jane Austen novel, or discussing the "Number of the Day" with Count von Count. (Sorry, Avengers fans, I'm over you at the moment.)

But if you're a fashion-forward cape owner unlike myself, I've been a little jealous of you these past few weeks. Still hungover from the glorious summery March, the city has lately been forced to deal with more fluctuating, Chicago-like temperatures, including rain every Saturday for seemingly the past six weeks. Yesterday was sunny and pleasant but with a slight chill in the air—the perfect opportunity to shroud myself in a sleeveless, flowing garment that will both keep my back warm and allow me extravagant flourishes if the breeze hits just right.

Damn this excellent cape weather.

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