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Facehunter and me: a story of admiration and rejection


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That is NOT me
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I first heard about street style blogs through a magazine article featuring a list of the best ones—which I'll do at the end of this post. But first let's talk about the very best one (in my opinion). The Facehunter, run by Yvan Rodic.

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that blog. Those people were everything I wanted to be, and hey, I could be, because they were just regular folks walking down the street. Face Hunter brought me hope. But it also brought me a lot of heartache.

I was still living in Brazil when Yvan came shoot at São Paulo Fashion Week. Since I was contributing to a street style blog, I got my first SPFW media pass. I felt great. And I wanted to be on the Face Hunter. So I put a foot-long bow on my head, some crazy geometric print dress, a pair of yellow sandals on top of black tights, and preyed. I was hunting the hunter.

And yes, I caught him. I think I literally ambushed him with my bow. I introduced my blog and asked if I could take his picture. He said yes, posed, and left, somehow totally ignoring my Minnie Mouse-on-acid costume.

Then a couple of days later two of my best friends ended up on his blog. How tragic is that? But yes, I survived and now I actually prefer shooting other people rather than being shot. Also I came to understand that there's nothing more off-putting to a street style photographer than people who desperately want to be noticed, who throw themselves at you with either their attitude or their clothes—or even worse: like me on that unfortunate day, with both.


OK, now let's go to the list. Some of my fave street style blogs*:
*You have probably heard about The Sartorialist and Advanced Style, so I won't even mention.

Besides shooting beautiful people, Yvan Rodic makes beautiful pictures. Love how he composes his shots.

  • Face Hunter

On the Corner
Buenos Aires has got to be one of the coolest cities on the planet. This blog proves that.

  • On The Corner

Tokyo street style shots divided by neighborhood. Get everyone's rap sheet and detail photos.

  • Style-Arena

Pop Bop & Snap
I swear I didn't copy this chick! Just recently found out about this blog, which features really cool New York looks.

  • Pop Bop & Snap

Vanessa Jackman
Luxury womenswear sported by some of the fashion world's royalty. In case you're feeling glossy.

  • Vanessa Jackman

Jak and Jil
Same as above, just add "menswear."

  • Jak & Jil

Quirky and creative style from the streets of Helsinki.

  • Hel-Looks

There's a lot more on my blogroll, check it out here. Also I'd like to mention Amy Arbus's "On The Street" book, a selection of her street style shots for the Village Voice in the 80s. And Bill Cunningham.

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