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NATO by the numbers


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Weapons of mass destruction?
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  • Weapons of mass destruction?
65 international leaders are flying into Chicago for the NATO summit, and it's U.S. Chief of Protocol Capricia Penavic Marshall's job to know all their names. Marshall and her team are in charge of every detail, from seating leaders alphabetically to remembering whether they like to be greeted with a nod or a handshake.

761 mph is the speed it takes to break the sound barrier at sea level. If you hear a sonic boom today, it's probably the NORAD jets that have been assigned to patrol the city.

2,000 Robin Hood-style hats sat on the heads of nurses who gathered at Daley Plaza around noon. National Nurses United, a California-based group, organized the protest and bused in people from around the country. The hats represent the nurses' support of a tax on financial trading.

8 activists were allegedly "disappeared" by the Chicago Police Department on Wednesday, according to National Lawyers Guild spokesman Kris Hermes. Witnesses say police broke into an apartment building near 32nd and Morgan and snagged at least eight people, along with part of a beer-making kit.

15 inches by 15 inches by 4 inches is the maximum bag size that will be allowed on Metra this weekend. Expect pat-downs, searches, and substantial delays.