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Shower the kittens . . . with love! And pet-friendly wipes


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Heres a couple kittens
  • Here's a couple kittens
See these guys on the left? Just adorable! You want them to have to fend for themselves on Chicago's mean streets? (There are mulitiple threats out there, people. Just the other night I encountered a fearless, yellow-toothed opossum on the sidewalk. It wouldn't budge. I yielded the right-of-way.)

Help the Tree House Humane Society cat shelter rescue cuties like them by supporting Tree House's second annual Kitten Shower on Sunday, May 20, 11 AM-2 PM, at the shelter's Bucktown branch (1629 N. Ashland).

Per a Tree House press release:

The annual Kitten Shower helps Tree House gather resources to help care for the thousands of kittens born outside in Chicagoland each year, and is essential to get through the busy late-Spring to late-Fall kitten season. Perhaps more importantly, it gives attendees a chance to ooh and ahh over adorable kitten faces and their funny antics.

The shelter's wish list of items includes:

Kitten formula
Canned and dry kitten and cat food
Baby food (meat only—no onions)
Kitten toys
Kitten nursing bottles and nipples
10cc syringes
Pet-friendly wipes
Washcloths, towels, and blankets
Paper towels
Nonclumping cat litter
Small litter pans, uncovered
Stainless steel litter scoops
Scratching posts
Nail clippers and brushes
Small stuffed animals (especially "beanie baby" type)
Gift certificates to pet stores
Monetary donations for larger item purchases (cages, carriers, scales, etc)
Sponsor a spay/neuter surgery! $35 will pay for surgery and first round of vaccine

All kittens deserve good homes like these. All cats deserve a little cat bed in a safe home.

This is Nina
  • This is Nina

There's a $5 suggested donation to attend the Kitten Shower, and RSVP is required.

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