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A smattering of NATO protest Missed Connections


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Lovers without borders
  • Mikasi
  • Lovers without borders
And some choice quotes:

cops at protest
"you were the hot cop who put me in flexcuffs.....maybe we can do it privately?"

MC with 2,500 nurses
"Oh, Nurse!

"Occupy me!
"Just kidding."

Girl at Bradley Manning booth at today's protest
"You seemed like a really nice person — more mature than some of the others there — but I think you thought I was a cop."

"you're sexy! you're cute! take off that blue riot suit!"
"You two girls prancing and dancing and giving the riot cops some shit today was the highlight of my year so far."

Our burning desire for social war united us.
"Our eyes met for a brief moment while we ran wild in the streets yelling at those asshole yuppies and dodging police batons. For that brief moment, my already electrified heart exploded with the intensity of a million burning suns, and I wanted only to hold hands with you while heaving bricks through plate glass windows and running away, laughing with joy. I imagined us cuddling all night in a sleeping bag on the floor of some punk house crammed with a dozen beautiful anarchists who were sleeping and dreaming of better worlds and burning cities. I saw us sharing a room in a collective house or squat and writing letters to prisoners in the living room. I felt the heat of the warm summer sun as we picnicked at the graveyard where Emma Goldman and the Haymarket Anarchists are buried. I experienced the feeling of solidarity as we waited for our comrades to be released from jail, warm food and hugs on hand for comfort. I had the desire to spend every May Day with you, waving black flags during the day and dropping banners at night. That one brief moment was stolen from us when that fucking bike cop got in the way and you got lost in the crowd. Please, find me and ignite the molotov cocktail that is my heart. I will be at the rest of the demonstrations this weekend. I will be wearing black pants, a black shirt, and a black hoodie if the weather is cool enough."

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