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Commady, of errors


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Today: a little fun, with, commas
  • Today: a little fun, with, commas
On the New York Times, Opinionator, blog, Ben Yagoda weighs in with, "The Most Comma Mistakes" several of which I'm making here, to illustrate. And I'm throwing in some bonus comma errors because, it's fun to be really really bad.

Yagoda wrote the book, The Sound on the Page: Style and Voice in Writing so he knows from commas. ICE, an acronym he suggests may help you avoid the error in this sentence.

Yagoda began teaching at the University of Delaware, "some years ago." He's been "positively gobsmacked by the multitude of comma splices" he's confronted there, they haven't abated. Sounds more like negatively gobsmacked, to me.

Next week we'll practice removing diseased :s.

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