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Roundup of today's media news


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Today the Reader was sold to Wrapports, LLC, which also owns the Sun-Times. Dull the ecstasy/pain/ambivalence with some of the day's other media-related news:

Poynter reports that Denver's remaining daily newspaper, the Denver Post, is eliminating it's [SIC] copy desk! Each desk will serve as "self-contained publishing units," where reporters write the Web headlines, and editors copyedit as part of the regular review process. The Contra Costa Times, a Bay Area daily, is also changing its system, says Poynter—it's not eliminating the copy desk but is "reducing the amount of copy editing for routine stories and moving deadlines up so stories are published earlier in the day." The papers hope to maximize traffic by posting more stories, and also to save some money.

The Oregon Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon's student paper, will soon cease to be a daily—in print, at least—and will now come out twice a week. But! As Romenesko reports, the change in format is not for financial reasons. Publisher Ryan Frank said it's more about preparing students for the way newspapers work today, according to KLCC. A website redesign is on the way. Here, kids—let this site inspire you!

Speaking of the Web, Gawker wants to monetize comments through "advertorial conversations," reports Felix Salmon. Having already revamped its commenting system, Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton announced Thursday he's creating a new sales unit focused on helping advertisers develop a relationship with commenters, the thinking being that banner ads will soon go the way of the pop-up. The new system offers more links to the site through individual comments, and Ray Wert, head of the new sales unit, wants to use that to turn sponsored posts into Reddit-style conversations.

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