Running takes over the Rainbo (for 12 minutes) Wednesday night | Bleader

Running takes over the Rainbo (for 12 minutes) Wednesday night


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Chicago offers plenty of venue options for bands planning record-release shows, but local noise-punk trio Running decided to forgo, say, the Empty Bottle or the Hideout. "We wanted to do something off-kilter, or something a little bit more unique," says Running bassist and vocalist Matthew Hord. Tonight Hord and his bandmates will celebrate their new full-length, Asshole Savant, by performing at Wicker Park's beloved Rainbo Club, a bar where you're much more likely to find local musicians hanging out than playing a set.

The Rainbo Club is the first bar Hord went to when he moved to the north side, and he's friends with a lot of the people who work there. In fact some of those friends came up with the idea of Running doing a show at the bar, and first shared it with Hord about a month ago.

The plan is for Running to post up in a corner of the bar and play a short set—according to the promo materials for the gig, it'll be 12 minutes. Give or take. "The 12-minute-set thing, I guess that might be an embellishment," Hord says. "We always play really short sets." Short, furious, and gnarly sets. Asshole Savant matches the group's live aesthetic, and the album's seven savage songs clock in at roughly 22 minutes.

The release's origins go back to about a year ago, when Hord was touring with garage-rock act Heavy Times (which features Reader music-listings dude Luca Cimarusti on drums) and the group crashed with Benjamin Funke of Captcha Records in South Bend, Indiana. Funke approached Hord about doing a seven-inch with Running. "It just kind of turned into a 12-inch over time," Hord says.

Running is scheduled to play at 9 PM, so make sure to get there on time, or you'll have to wait till Wed 6/27 at the Burlington to catch the band.