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12 O'Clock Track: Three Loco, "Neato"


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Riff Raff, duh
  • Riff Raff, duh
I'm still digesting Gawker's recent profile of reality-TV castoff, Internet sensation, and hyper-eccentric rapper Riff Raff, which bears the subheadline "Making Sense of the Most Viral Human Being in Music." Writer David Shapiro (founder of the brilliant blog Pitchfork Reviews Reviews) didn't exactly crack the code, but his in-depth overview of all things Riff Raff is a great read and got me hooked on an artist I'd previously considered a human train wreck. Now I'm completely fascinated by the bizarre affectations of the Texas-reared MC.

I remain unconvinced of Riff Raff's, um, musical genius, but a semblance of talent bubbles to the surface every so often. Like on today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Neato," by Three Loco, a new hip-hop group Riff Raff formed with Andy Milonakis and Simon "Dirt Nasty" Rex.

In that Gawker profile, Shapiro writes that Three Loco "might just be the most unlikely rap crew in history," which is probably an overstatement. Besides the fact that the MCs in the group all found fame via MTV (Riff Raff as a contestant on From G's to Gents, Milonakis with his own sketch-comedy show, and Rex as a VJ), they've all cultivated outsider-rap personas that are, to varying degrees, rooted in humor. While Milonakis and Rex pump their verses full of juvenile punch lines, Riff Raff's rhymes exhibit the kind of off-kilter absurdity that has plenty of folks wondering if his entire personality is one big joke. Milonakis and Rex come off as borderline novelty rappers, but Riff Raff sounds expertly composed while rattling off his illogical hashtag rhymes.

I highly recommend checking out the "Neato" video to get the full Riff Raff effect—white-out contacts, diamond-encrusted Icee chain, and all.

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