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Mea culpa time for Adam Dunn haters


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Why dont the Adam Dunn critics acknowledge their mistake?
  • Keith Allison
  • Why don't the Adam Dunn critics acknowledge their mistake?
A Reader colleague of mine, Steve Bogira (no relation), mocked Adam Dunn endlessly last year, and it's about time he and his fellow haters ate a little crow.

The White Sox vaulted into first place last night with their seventh straight win—and Dunn has helped lead them to the top. He's tied for second in the American League with 16 homers, and he's sixth in RBI with 37. His two-run, 448-foot blast on Memorial Day lifted the Sox to a 2-1 victory. He's been doing that kind of thing most of the season.

Sure, he had a mini-slump last year, and whiffed now and then—but did he deserve all the grief he got? "The Big Breeze," Bogira called him, when he wasn't calling him the "designated misser"—or, after manager Ozzie Guillen benched him, the "designated sitter." Last May, noting the slugger's special troubles with southpaws, Bogira said that sending Dunn to the plate against lefties was like "sending Sarah Palin to a Mensa competition." In July, he said of Dunn's .163 average: "There's not a lower average in Triple-A, Double-A, Single-A, the ACLU, or the AARP." In September, he rebuked Ozzie for bringing Dunn in to pinch-hit: "A swirl of cotton candy would be a better matchup against any pitcher than Dunn has been this season. The cotton candy has a smaller strike zone and doesn't chase the curve."

Now that Dunn's crunching the ball again, where are Bogira and his fellow smart-asses? It's not a sin to admit a mistake; it's a sign of virtue. Can't the faultfinders at least offer a Mitt Romney apology? ("I don't remember doing any bullying, and I'm sorry if it offended anyone.")

Dunn never complained about the shots he took from writers, or the endless booing of heartless fans. In fact, he said he deserved to be booed. That's a humility you don't find in your typical mega multimillionaire.

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