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Kate Friedman returns, at the Evanston Art Center


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Kate Friedman/ Gray Matter
  • Kate Friedman, "Gray Matter"

Artist Kate Friedman was the Reader's art director in the mid-1990s, and a lifetime friend of many of the people who worked at the Reader then. When she died in February, arts editor Tony Adler posted a tribute to her on the Bleader that included this quote from another friend about Friedman's preparations for an exhibit she wouldn't live to see:

Kate and I went out to lunch a couple of weeks ago. She described the installation she was preparing of the dark, sky night [sic] for the Evanston Art Center. Kate spoke of how she imagined her body rising up to join the stars and the sky, and becoming part of the night. Kate knew she had limited time, and she envisioned friends and family collaborating on the night sky with her and ushering her to the next place. . . .

Friedman's mentor, Sarah Krepp, directed a team of colleagues who came together after her death to complete that work, an installation titled Returning to the Stars. You can see it, along with a group of Friedman's paintings curated by Krepp, in Night Sky, an exhibit that opens June 3 at the Evanston Art Center (2603 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 847-475-5300) and runs through July 29. There's a public reception this Sunday from 1 to 4 PM.