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Soundtrack Week: Tic Tac Totally


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Matt Clark would probably be the first to tell you it takes more than a little bit of crazy to run an indie record label all by your lonesome—no doubt his eccentricity contributed to the incredibly entertaining answers in our latest issue's B Side feature. Clark started the garage/punk label Tic Tac Totally Records in 2006 because after following a bender with another bender with another bender, he decided, "I didn't really want to die without accomplishing SOMETHING I actually cared about." Makes sense. And so he began repurposing many of his self-destructive tendencies for the greater good by running himself marginally insane curating and handling every aspect of Tic Tac Totally.

In its six-year history the label has dropped more than 50 releases, including vinyl by Bare Wires, Digital Leather, Lover!, Moonhearts, So Cow, Useless Eaters, Wax Museums, and OBN III's (who open up for Royal Headache Thursday at the Burlington). Check out a small playlist of songs Clark sent over to soundtrack your Monday morning.

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