12 O'Clock Track: White Suns, "Footprints Filled" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: White Suns, "Footprints Filled"


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Sinews by White Suns
  • Sinews by White Suns
I caught Brooklyn noise trio White Suns at Crown Tap Room last week, where they shared a bill with Oozing Wound. I mainly went to see the Oozing boys, but ended up captivated by the volume and intensity of White Suns. That night I bought their sophomore LP, Sinews, which came out in April on Load Records, and I've been spinning it nonstop. Without a doubt it's really bothering my neighbors.

These guys play a type of punk rock that walks the lines between harsh noise, free jazz, and doomy dirge. The six tense tracks of Sinews are an unrelenting blur of high-decibel guitars run through pedal boards big enough to cover tabletops, disturbing shrieked lyrics, and powerful drumming that runs the gamut from rapid-fire blasts to swinging, busy improvisation. The record sounds full, rich, and massive as well—it was engineered by Ben Greenberg of Hubble, the Men, and Pygmy Shrews, who's pretty much becoming the Steve Albini of the Brooklyn weirdo-rock scene right now.

Today's 12 O'Clock Track is "Footprints Filled," the second song on Sinews. You can buy it directly from Load.