12 O'Clock Track: Fay, "What's the Use" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: Fay, "What's the Use"


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Peculiar art-pop trio Pit er Pat were one of my favorite Chicago bands of the aughts, mostly for the way they always kept me guessing. All three members eventually moved to Los Angeles, where they disbanded a couple of years ago, but drummer Butchy Fuego has been busy in a wide variety of projects, working with everyone from Boredoms to M.I.A. and on a solo project called San Gabriel. Now Pit er Pat's main voice—singer and keyboardist Fay Davis-Jeffers—is finally stepping forward with her first solo project, released under the name Fay. On June 25 the Time No Place label will release her impressive debut album, Din. Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "What's the Use," has an alien quality, filled with stuttering beats, chopped vocal tones, fleeting but hypnotic keyboard, and terse shards of melody. Davis-Jeffers made all the sounds, with the exception of a well-placed sample of Doris Duke on one track.

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