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Shows to see: Japandroids, Dope Body, Colin Stetson, and more


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Colin Stetson
It's Best of Chicago time at the Reader, but the music staff pulled double duty this week (or, more accurately, triple duty) to keep the Soundboard page full of writeups on concerts worth seeing. One of the biggest events this weekend is the Green Music Fest, with headliners Dinosaur Jr. and the Raveonettes, but as usual there's a whole lot more going on. Let's take a moment and savor a small sampling of Chicago's musical bounty over the next few days.

Thu 6/21: Japandroids at Lincoln Hall
This Vancouver duo's new Celebration Rock "mixes lo-fi feedback with the kind of enthusiastic, arena-ready rock destined to soundtrack coming-of-age films about the good old days," says Leor Galil, "in the process capturing the golden spirit of summer." In this context it's important to separate the spirit of summer from the weather of summer, which after the past few days I'm sure we could do with a little less of.

Fri 6/22: Dope Body at the Empty Bottle
On their new Natural History, Baltimore band Dope Body are "a little mid-90s Rollins Band, a little Fugazi, a little Barnum & Bailey, a little funk-rock rhythm section (don't make me say 'early Chili Peppers'), and a lot of scuzz and splinters. It's hardcore punk for a tribal circle dance filled with uninhibited Black Flag fans," says Kevin Warwick. "I love this album more than I love some of my relatives." For Kevin's sake I hope none of his relatives read our website. Opening are the Hecks, just named the Reader's Best New Rock Duo.

Sat 6/23 at Subterranean
and Sun 6/24 at the Green Music Fest: Raveonettes
"If the gods truly smiled on nostalgia, the post-White Stripes rock duo playing arena shows across the U.S. wouldn't be hacky cheeselords the Black Keys," writes Miles Raymer. "It'd be Denmark's supersexy Raveonettes. Over the course of five albums and an equal number of EPs, they've never lost sight of their calling: to reproduce the swoony simplicity of pre-psychedelia rock 'n' roll, topped with an extra couple layers of reverb and distortion." On an unrelated note, keep an eye out for my new band, the Hacky Cheeselords. Our outfits are gonna be great.

Sat 6/23: Colin Stetson at Schubas
"Saxophonist Colin Stetson has contributed to the Arcade Fire and Bon Iver in ways you'd never expect from a horn player, using his instrument to supply a symphony of colors and textures, from 'bass' lines to 'string section' parts," writes Peter Margasak. "Nowhere are his versatility and imagination more apparent than in his amazing solo work, where he uses every trick he's got—circular breathing, multiphonics, overtones, vocalizations, key popping—to create hypnotic pop songs." This isn't Andrew Bird business either—even on his albums, Stetson uses absolutely no overdubbing or looping. Must be seen to be believed. Stetson also plays with Toby Summerfield's Never Enough Hope on Sunday at the Empty Bottle and the Hungry Brain.

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