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Beat the Mets!


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Ron Santo at New Yorks Shea Stadium in 1969: Nuff said.
  • Ron Santo at New York's Shea Stadium in 1969: 'Nuff said.
I tend to shy away from the more visceral elements of sports: the great yearning for your team to win, the heated rivalry. It's never been my bag as a sportswriter.

Of course, there's one exception that proves the rule: I can't stand the Mets, and I love it when the Cubs beat them in New York, as they did Friday night.

See, I arrived in Chicago as a kid from western Maryland and, ergo, a devoted fan of the Baltimore Orioles at the tail end of 1967. The Cubs won me over in 1969, but then succumbed to the hard-charging Mets in one of the great collapses in baseball history. My highly favored Orioles were going to get even in the World Series, but after winning the first game they too went down.

And this after my beloved Baltimore Colts had lost to the upstart New York Jets to start the year in Super Bowl III.

So there's no love lost between me and New York teams—but especially the Mets.

Ron Santo hated the Mets too, for the same reasons rooted in 1969, so with his long-overdue induction into the Hall of Fame coming later this month, there's no better way to celebrate than by the Cubs beating the Mets.

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