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Alien Ant Farm invades Chicago


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Alien Ant Farm
  • Steven Gilmore
  • Alien Ant Farm
According to a Very Important Press Release I just received, Alien Ant Farm (you remember: "Isn't it so hilarious that this rock band is covering a Michael Jackson song?") is not only recording a brand-new album but recording it in Chicago at Groovemaster Studios. Front man Dryden Mitchell explains that the band is aiming for a "'newer' sound" (quotes his) while "at the same time keeping other Pop-Rock bands in check."

"This ain't your Soccer Mom's band," he writes, "but she can come backstage for an hour or two."

(It's OK if you need to take a moment and recover from that serious burn on you and your Soccer Mom.)

I'm going to assume the band will be in town for a while because of how you can't rush perfection. Keep your eyes open and report all Alien Ant Farm sightings to Gossip Wolf.

Alien Ant Farm!

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