Day three: return of the Pitchfork Music Festival coverage | Bleader

Day three: return of the Pitchfork Music Festival coverage



By now you're exhausted, sore, and potentially hungover. You know what that means: Time for another full day of music in the hot sun!

If it's your first day at the Pitchfork Music Festival, check Miles Raymer's introduction for general info. We have reviews of all of Sunday's acts, but the itineraries we have from staff and other contributors may be more helpful for planning your day. For today, we've got Raymer ("1 PM: Drink water. Drink another water right after that. Maybe also one of those vegan frappuccinos from the hippie food stand"), editor Mara Shalhoup ("I don't love Vampire Weekend and I still don't care what anyone says"), contributor Luca Cimarusti ("You can hear Beach House and Vampire Weekend anytime you turn on modern-rock radio or step into a Gap"), Chic-a-Go-Go cohost Ratso ("Being an underage puppet with tinnitus, my recommendations are suspect"), and attorney Barry Owen, one of the winners of our Pitchfork itinerary contest ("I'm going to need more beer than I thought").

If you still have enough energy to go to afterparties tonight, then you are not human.

We'll be retweeting staff and contributors' Pitchfork festival musings, reports, and observations on our Twitter feed. We'll also be posting stuff on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and look out on the Bleader for some photo updates from the show.

Make sure to stop by our Family Portrait Pop Up Tent on the festival grounds. We'll be taking portraits—joining us will be Glitterguts, winner of Best Photo Booth to Make Out In from this year's Best of Chicago—and giving away prizes to the subjects of our favorite photos. Items to be featured: A talking Darth Vader helmet, a stuffed rooster, muumuus, track suits, and high fives. And if you're riding your bike to the festival, hit up one of our Biker Villages (one at Ashland and Walnut, the other at Ashland and Madison) for secure parking, free water, and more!

Stay safe and hydrated, and we'll be seeing you all weekend long, here on the Bleader, all over social media, and at the festival itself.