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The view from the bottom of the bill: Outer Minds' Pitchfork diary


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Outer Minds in 2011
Most of the acts on the bill at this past weekend's Pitchfork Music Festival are the type of professionals who hire managers and publicists and work well within an indie music industry that now looks remarkably similar to the mainstream one. Not so Chicago's Outer Minds, who pair their folk-rock-on-trucker-speed sound with the kind of resolutely antiestablishment attitude that most people bail on by the time they're out of high school.

As one of the unlikeliest bands in town to end up playing a massive, precision-crafted festival, they were also the perfect group to document their Pitchfork experience for us. After the jump, Outer Minds front man Zach Medearis shares what it's like being the first band on the side stage on the first day of the festival, in stream-of-consciousness journal form.

Woke up at 5 AM, but I went to sleep at 3 AM. X-Files and weed will make me sleep again. Am I nervous or anxious?

We were on Chicago Tonight last night and we're playing Pitchfork today. I didn't watch Chicago Tonight, but my girlfriend said I didn't look like a complete dick.

Are there gonna be tons of people there? We played in Pittsburgh two months ago to like 20 people.

Holy fuck I've never had so many e-mails about a show before.

Jered [Gummere from the Ponys and Bare Mutants] met me at my house. He has new red pants on. That's a ballsy move. Way to go.

I forgot my weed at home. I guess the blanket of escapism won't be covering my head today.

There has to be some kid in the crowd with a joint or bowl or something.

I really should have checked that my backup guitar still works and has strings on it.

Russ [Calderwood from Radar Eyes and the Runnies] is driving us there. Holy shit! Other people drive around in buses—I knew it happened, but fuck, that'd be all right! It would be cool to have a camper with a full kitchen.

They are driving me, Jered, and [Outer Minds bassist] Aaron [Orlowski] around in a golf cart. We could have walked, but when am I going to have the opportunity to be driven in a golf cart? Maybe I should golf just to drive those things.

DUDE . . . RAIN! Alanis Morissette is a dick and so is her song.

Rain is sideways like in Vietnam depictions. Can I get electrocuted playing a guitar. That would look rad.

They just brought a keg of free beer over. Might as well; it's a fuckin' monsoon out here. We probably won't play now. Is that good or bad?

Stage manager said the rain won't stop anyone from playing their full set. That's cool.

I'm tired of standing under a tent to avoid the rain. I'll play in the rain to myself, it's cool, let's just go.

Aw shit the rain stopped. There is like two inches of water on the stage.

People are standing in line? Wow, that's dedication.

I have never seen so many photographers.

That wasn't so bad. I wore sunglasses onstage. Is that a dick move? It wasn't even very sunny.

EMusic is waiting for me to do an interview where some lady is going to read my astrological chart. If it's some sort of dick cancer I'm gonna be pissed.

A$AP Rocky has a huge crew. I don't have that many friends.

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