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A shout-out from the great Diane Ravitch!


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Diane Ravitch has gone to Ben Joravskys head.
  • Diane Ravitch has gone to Ben Joravsky's head.
You may not know this, but I'm a big-time fan of Diane Ravitch.

She’s the supersmart historian and former White House policy maker who's been blowing the bugle for years about the bullshit coming out of the so-called school-reform movement.

You know the refrain—charter schools are great, unionized teachers are awful, what we need to do is put everything in the charge of gazillionaires who never spent a day teaching in their lives so they can figure out how to make more, more, more money by privatizing our public school system.

All in the name of helping poor kids learn. Because, of course, helping poor kids learn is what gazillionaires truly care about. As opposed to making gazillions of dollars.

But enough about today's Tribune editorial.

Back to Diane Ravitch . . .

To my shock and amazement, she gave me a shout-out in a blog post citing my recent column about Mayor Rahm and Mitt Romney.

"What are the similarities between Mitt Romney and Rahm Emanuel?" Ravitch writes. "True, they have different party labels but their education policies are eerily alike. A writer in Chicago showed the contradictions in this brilliant and hilarious article."

Needless to say, her praise has gone straight to my head and I've been unbearable ever since. I told my wife I would no longer be taking out the garbage. I told Reader editor Mara Shalhoup to hurry up and hire me a secretary. I told Jim Kirk—editor of the Sun-Times, which owns the Reader—to double my salary. And I have informed Mick Dumke, my partner in crime, that from here on out he must refer to me as Mr. Joravsky.

To which Mick replied: "If you're such a big shot, how come Ravitch only referred to you as a writer from Chicago?"

"I'm sorry, Mick—were you talking? I was too busy looking in my mirror to listen."

"I said—she didn't mention your name."

"That may be true. But I prefer to look on the bright side—at least she didn't misspell it."

Anyway, thanks for the shout-out, Diane Ravitch. Now back to the fight . . .

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