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Alderman Moreno takes a stand on Chick-fil-A



Its not that good, says Ben J.
  • "It's not that good," says Ben J.
Largely because I love fried chicken almost as much as I love chocolate milk, I have been asked to weigh in on the all-important issue of First Ward alderman Joe Moreno's battle with Chick-fil-A.

That's the issue that's seized the minds of Chicagoans, looking for distraction from a summer of drought, slaughter, pending worldwide famine brought on by global warming, and various other horrors civilization's apparently helpless to prevent.

As you might know by now, Alderman Moreno says he intends to use his aldermanic zoning powers to keep Chick-fil-A from moving into his ward on the grounds that its corporate chieftain is virulently opposed to gay marriage.

For the record, I support Alderman Moreno 100 percent because (1) I also believe gays should have the right to get married; (2) he's managed to incense Rick Santorum and anyone who can do that is fine by me; and (3) I have tasted Chick-fil-A, and, folks, let me tell you, it's not that good.

In my opinion, of course.

That said, I must concede that Alderman Moreno's not exactly Rosa Parks on this thing. It's more like he's carrying on the great Chicago tradition of championing issues for which there's very little downside to champion.

Or, to be specific, in Dan Cathy—Chick-fil-A's gay-bashing president—Moreno's found a easy bully to pick on because most of his constituents probably want to pick on him themselves. This high-profile fight has probably guaranteed Moreno permanent reelection, while moving him near the front of the line of restlessly ambitious pols eager to replace Congressman Luis Gutierrez, should the old guy ever step down.

In short, it's not at all like taking on Mayor Emanuel—just to cite one local bully—whose wild-and-crazy schemes and dreams Alderman Moreno routinely endorses. That includes closing mental health clinics, cutting library funding, wasting police time, money, and energy on the NATO summit, taking TIF money from the schools and handing it to gazillionaires, and voting for the Infrastructure Trust. Which as far as I can tell is dedicated to finding new and creative ways to increase the cost of borrowing money so the mayor's Wall Street friends get even richer.

But why be negative? I'm hoping this is just the first step in Alderman Moreno's long and steady transformation into the next Leon Despres.

Today, Chick-fil-A, tomorrow the Trust!