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The week in food trucks and other food news bites


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The Food Truck Freak posted a bunch of anti-ordinance testimony from last week's Licensing Committee hearing. It did no good. Louisa Chu has a great interview with the lone aldermanic dissenter, the 45th Ward's John Arena, on why he voted against the ordinance and why the city's going to "get sued and lose."

But hey! Charlie Trotter had a street named after him.

More food news after the jump, most of it bad.

Proco Joe Moreno wants to make the "hipster ward" safe from Chik-fil-A, said the Tribune. Biblicals squealed. Lawyers said nahhh. Moreno begins the backpedal.

Grub Street's 25 taco slideshow is pretty impressive.

Mark Smrecek pickles nasturtium buds at From Belly To Bacon.

Seventy-one percent of the state is suffering from extreme drought, reports the AP. Food prices are going up as a result. Here's how it's hitting one small Wisconsin farm.


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