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The future of food writing


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The Buffet
  • The Buffet

Before I finally decided to write about Olga's Deli this week, I did the usual cursory googling to see who among my brethren had already tipped the foodlum world off to this little gem. To my surprise, other than a brief mention on LTHForum, and a chorus of mostly enthusiastic Yelpers, no one out there had written a scratch about it.

And then Morley Musick e-mailed me. He's the 17-year-old editor in chief of The Buffet, a food mag published by students at Northside College Prep. Musick wanted my thoughts on the two issues they put out last school year, so I took a look and there, in the very first issue was a passionate love letter to Olga's by Noah Asimow. Kid has his finger on the Pulse.

It's not just him. The kids have good taste, hitting up a number of civic treasures like Jibek Jolu, Ruby's, and BopNGrill, Merla's Kitchen.

But beyond just reviews, it boasts Lucky Peach-style graphics and sharp writing on subjects as diverse as an instant ramen survey, a tutorial on procuring and eating moose, and a set of surrealist pastel sketches of "dream fruit" such as the Oprahcot, the water balloon apple and the Illuminati mind control kiwi. Above all, it has a refreshing lack of the sort pretension and territoriality that plagues the work of us jaded, bitter old wonks.

Musick says he wants to do more issues. I believe the children are the future.

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