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Street View 036: Class + Poise


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Street View is a series in which Isa Giallorenzo spotlights fascinatingly fashionable Chicagoans.

I first met Joan Sassano a couple of months ago while attending First Fridays at the MCA. Then she bravely offered to give me a few modeling lessons. And I bravely said yes. It turns out she can make a swan out of the gawkiest of people, and once I left her place I felt like a bit of her elegance had miraculously rubbed off on me.

The picture above was taken last week at First Fridays again, where I was lucky enough to have her as company. Not only does she look fabulous but she also has a sharp sense of humor, which kept me amused the whole evening—along with the cool Skyscraper exhibit they're having right now.



If you feel like you could use some extra elegance, too, or if you just wanna brush up on yours, contact Joan Sassano at

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