Man who allegedly punched 11-year-old outside Lollapalooza also makes shitty EDM | Bleader

Man who allegedly punched 11-year-old outside Lollapalooza also makes shitty EDM


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A fucking beach ball
  • Valentina Powers/Flickr
  • This is not a souvenir Lollapalooza beach ball, and thus may not be worth assaulting children for
I witnessed plenty of piss-poor behavior at Lollapalooza this past weekend, but I know I missed the worst of it. Today the Chicago Tribune reported on one of many incidents I'm glad I didn't see:

"Michelle Fiore was enjoying an evening out with her 11-year-old daughter after Lollapalooza when a man confronted them, demanded the girl's souvenir beach ball and punched the child as he tried to grab it, police and the woman say."

The man in question is 19-year-old Conrad Slimak, who is being charged with misdemeanor battery and assault (and was also cited for being intoxicated while underage). The Trib's piece offers plenty of detail about the attack Slimak allegedly committed, but it fails to mention something else Slimak is alleged to be: a shitty EDM producer.

A quick Google search brings up this Google+ profile for a Conrad Slimak from Chicago, which fits with the few details about him in the Trib story. The profile includes a link to a Soundcloud account for "ConSli RadMak" (aka Conrad Slimak), which hosts four lengthy club tracks whose titles ("It's True Molly Loves Cake," "Hugz 'N' Kizzez") are good indicators of the kind of program-by-numbers EDM ConSli RadMak makes.

Of course there's a chance that "ConSli RadMak" isn't the same dude who allegedly punched a little kid for a fucking beach ball, but most signs point to "yes." Take a listen to the tracks below and, if this indeed the same dude, prepare for another round of trend pieces on what EDM has done to our youth.

Update 4:39 PM: The Souncloud page has been pulled, but here's a screen shot. Google's cached version of the page may stay live a little longer too.