The Reader is looking for fall interns. Yay! | Bleader

The Reader is looking for fall interns. Yay!


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  • Man, is it fun to work here
Heading back to school in a couple of weeks? Wish you were doing something more practical, more substantial, more meaningful than [insert your course of study here]?

You should apply to be a Reader intern!

Here's the deal: Intern duties will vary by department, but they can involve anything from data entry to fact-checking to copyediting to transcription to writing short pieces and blog posts. Interns have access to the editors and can pitch longer articles for publication. We ask that interns work two to three days a week, with at least one or two spent in the Reader's office at 350 N. Orleans in River North or with writers out on assignment, and we're happy to work around students' schedules. The internships are unpaid, and we'll need to sign for college credit (but there is free cereal and candy and ice cream in our office).

The interns hard at work—despite their stunning (invisible here but trust me) view
  • Asher Klein
  • Interns hard at work—despite their stunning (invisible here but trust me) view
Departments seeking interns:

  • General — A general intern will work with the editorial staff on long-term projects and recurring features in the paper. This will require coming to the office at least twice a week, but general interns will become most familiar with the day-to-day workings of the newspaper.

  • Food & Drink— A food intern will work closely with the writers and editors of our Food< & Drink section, which has won two James Beard Awards in the last two years. Besides helping to manage the Reader's database of restaurants and transcribing interviews, the intern may help write gossipy restaurant blog posts and restaurant blurbs.

  • Photography — A photo intern will help with or conduct their own photo shoots and work with our photo editors on advanced CMYK editing.

  • Design — A design intern will lay out and design editorial content, edit and color correct images for print and Web, and find photos to illustrate Reader stories.

  • Social Media — This intern will work with our digital editor to promote Reader content through platforms like Twitter and Tumblr.

Applicants should send a resumé, cover letter, and two to three relevant clips (if you've got 'em) or a portfolio of your work to, including in the subject line the department you're most interested in.