12 O'Clock Track: Buke and Gase, "Misshaping Introduction" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: Buke and Gase, "Misshaping Introduction"


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Buke & Gase
Formerly known as Buke & Gass—a name they recently tweaked, undoubtedly because so many people mispronounced it—the Brooklyn duo of Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez use a baritone ukulele (hence the "Buke") and a guitar-bass hybrid (hence the "Gass," now "Gase") to create peculiar indie pop that hangs out on the fringes but is nonetheless incredibly catchy. The band's 2010 debut full-length, Riposte, was one of my favorite discoveries of the year thanks to Dyer's wispy vocals and the duo's fractured, looping rhythms.

The follow-up to Riposte is due out in early 2013, which is unfortunately not what Buke & Gase were hoping for when Pitchfork posted the track "Hiccup" in May. But in an attempt to appease at least some of its fans, the duo is releasing a digital-only EP, Function Falls, on September 11 via Brassland. The opening track on the four-song EP and today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Misshaping Introduction," is more of a brooding yarn, with Dyer taking a sultry approach vocally and Sanchez gradually strengthening the song's underlying riff until it lets go into a descending melody. Granted, I still want the full-length sooner rather than later, but I do appreciate this kind of unexpected gift.

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