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Checking in on baseball predictions



Adam Dunn: Go ahead and gloat a little.
The baseball season is about three-quarters done, which makes it a prime time to check in on how one's predictions are faring.

Especially when one gets to gloat—not to put the whammy on myself.

A quick look back at my opening day predictions shows I was stunningly prescient—at least so far—especially where the White Sox are concerned.

Not only did I have the Sox winning the American League Central—which they lead by a game and a half over Detroit—but I also had comeback kid Adam Dunn hitting more homers than the Tigers' freshly signed free agent Prince Fielder. Dunn now leads, 34 to 22.

Elsewhere in the American League, I had the AL East-leading New York Yankees there, and while I picked the Los Angeles Angels in the West, I did have the Texas Rangers as a wild card, along with the Tampa Bay Rays, currently leading the wild-card race. That means that, at the moment, I have four of the five AL playoff teams.

Yet, in a way, I'm even more proud of my National League picks, because, my friends, I picked the Washington Nationals to make the playoffs, and they're now leading the East. True, I had the last-place Miami Marlins to win the East (sorry, Ozzie) and the equally disappointing Milwaukee Brewers in the Central, but I did have the first-place San Francisco Giants to win the West. I had the Nats in the wild card along with the Los Angeles Dodgers, currently third, a game and a half behind Pittsburgh, with the top two second-place teams taking the spots. Two out of five may not be good, but the Dodgers could readily make it three, and the Nats should count double.

As for the Cubs, I predicted only that they would win more games in the second half than the first—and I stand by that, even after they traded away top starters Ryan Dempster and Paul Maholm. The Cubs were 31-50 halfway through the season, on a pace to lose 100 games. Since then, they've gone 15-22, slightly ahead of that pace. It says here they'll enjoy a good, loose September and avoid 100 losses.