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12 O'Clock Track: Converge, "Aimless Arrow"



All We Love We Leave Behind
  • All We Love We Leave Behind
At the risk of being redundant with half the music sites on the Internet, today's 12 O'Clock Track is Converge's "Aimless Arrow," the first song to drop from their upcoming full-length, All We Love We Leave Behind (out October 9 on Epitaph). I only ever need the smallest nudge to talk about anything Converge related—I feel like I mention guitarist Kurt Ballou's GodCity studio in damn near every show preview I write, especially for Southern Lord signees—but considering how crucial the band was to my formative years (Jane Doe for life, y'all), I feel no shame for spouting off about my love for Jacob Bannon and company.

As on the You Fail Me cut "Last Light," on "Aimless Arrow" Bannon tones down his gruff, barking vocal style—he "sings" more clearly, almost to the point of being intelligible. Though I prefer the all-screaming Bannon, songs like these add a different kind of ache to his already violently pained vocals. Musically, the track is less all-out than a lot of Converge's brutal catalog, which allows Ballou to show off his intricate melodic sensibilities on guitar—but Ben Koller's drumming is still pretty frenetic, so that at any given moment you can hear he's got a stupid amount of talent. It's not my favorite Converge track in the world, but it is Converge, and it sounds phenomenal—you know, because Kurt Ballou recorded it at GodCity.

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