My I-94 jam of the day: Eric Church's "Drink in My Hand" | Bleader

My I-94 jam of the day: Eric Church's "Drink in My Hand"


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As you may have heard, I'm moving out of Chicago. Actually I'm out of Chicago right now, though I'll be back for a bit before my move to NYC later this month. This morning I moved everything I own up to my mom's place in Michigan for temporary storage using the Mannequin Men van, which is named the Craft. (The name is properly pronounced in a Dennis Farina voice, and is based on a half-remembered piece of dialogue from an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.) I used a significant chunk of the long and extremely uninteresting drive up I-94 to catch up on country radio, partly out of journalistic curiosity, partly out of premature nostalgia (I'm moving to a city where you can't even get country music on the radio), and partly because on our past tours my attempts to put on country radio in the Craft have been roundly rejected by the other occupants.

In between all the sappy Jesus ballads and Taylor Swiftian pop-music-but-with-fiddles, I found a few solid jams that I hadn't heard before, the best of the batch being Eric Church's "Drink in My Hand," which apparently came out in January but is new to me. Built on a solid foundation of riffy guitars and backbeat-heavy drums that seems as indebted to Tom Petty and John Mellencamp as to any straight-up country artists, "Drink in My Hand" is, obviously, a tribute to the life-improving qualities of having an alcoholic beverage in one's possession. And it kicks a lot of ass.

Video after the jump.

I was this close to making this post about Tim McGraw's "Truck Yeah," which is not only one of the surprising number of recent country hits with vocal phrasing that wouldn't be out of place in a hip-hop-flavored R&B song but also has a guitar line that could've been lifted from a prime Ozzy cut.