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Shows to see: Bruce Springsteen, Primordial, 2 Chainz, Hoax


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The man, the myth
Football and the Boss—these are the things that make the world go 'round. And while you could easily camp out on your sofa for the weekend, suffocating yourself in college football (the NFL season's starting too), there are actual reasons to get off your ass. The main one being Bruce Springsteen at Wrigley Field. I know a couple privileged coworkers who are attending the pair of sold-out shows, but I'll be hanging outside on the sidewalks of Wrigleyville listening to the man bellow through "Adam Raised a Cain." Want to join me?

And of course Soundboard maps out plenty of other weekend shows worthy of your attention. Check out a selection after the jump.

Fri 9/7: Primordial at Reggie's Rock Club

According to Monica Kendrick, Irish band Primordial have pretty much cornered their country's metal market, at least when it comes to what they do: that is, "blending long, spiraling melodies, the heroic romanticism of Irish folk music, and the themes and legends of Irish paganism into a wicked form of blackened folk metal." The band's most recent, the hair-raising Redemption at the Puritan's Hands, shares a lot of DNA with Scandinavian folk metal and Viking metal. Plus, the album's title is just dark as hell.

Fri 9/7: 2 Chainz at Metro

A "hip-hop underdog" until he changed his name from "Tity Boi" early last year and started getting cameos on such cuts as Kanye's "Mercy," 2 Chainz (aka Tauheed Epps) is currently living the pop-rap dream. Miles Raymer writes that his recent album, Based on a T.R.U. Story, is a "slick but hilariously enjoyable album featuring guest turns by Kanye, The-Dream, Nicki Minaj, and a few other hip-hop A-listers, with top-notch production and approximately as many puns as you'd expect from Epps at this point."

Sat 9/8: Turbo Fruits at Schubas

I've been on board with Jonas Stein's charming brattiness and sneering brand of garage rock since I first heard it. Turbo Fruits' 2009 full-length, Echo Kid, was a head-bobbing good time. I would throw it on when I was in the mood for something I didn't need to think about but knew I would enjoy. However, since the band signed with Kings of Leon's label, Serpents and Snakes, Stein has gotten a bit more introspective, writing songs that are a bit better suited for a theater than a PBR-sticky hole-in-the-wall. A slightly different aesthetic, sure, but Turbo Fruits aren't going to stop being fun live.

Sun 9/9: Hoax at Cobra Lounge

This show is going to be bonkers. Never mind the fact that Negative Approach's John Brannon is going to melt your brain with his intense stare; Western Mass hardcore outfit Hoax will summon a thick fury that'll uppercut you right through the skull. Front man Jesse (no last names here) will likely be bloodied by the end of the set, and you're sure to leave with a newfound faith in hardcore punk. Not for the faint of heart.

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