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Cubs' farm club locally sourced


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Rich Gossage: White Sox Midwest League alumnus.
I'm going to return to a piece of sports news that just became official this week.

The Cubs are moving their low-A Midwest League farm team from Peoria to Kane County in suburban Geneva.

Sure, I'm sad for Peoria and Pete Vonachen, made famous by Harry Caray's frequent references to him. But this makes too much sense to pass up.

The Cubs, who have placed their entire emphasis on the future in the Theo Epstein era, will now give their Chicago fans a chance to glimpse that future on a regular basis at lovely nearby Elfstrom Stadium (please don't call it Fifth Third Bank Ballpark).

It still confounds me why the White Sox don't even have a Midwest League affiliate. They were sitting pretty in South Bend, Indiana, years ago, where many of their south-side Irish fans have a natural affinity (if not an actual alumnus tie) to Notre Dame. Some 40 years ago, they even had a team not that far away in Appleton, Wisconsin, where if memory serves Bart Johnson, Terry Forster, and certainly Rich Gossage passed through.

Now the Cubs not only have a charming midwest farm team, that farm team is now within veritable shouting distance of Wrigley Field.

The Sox have certainly put together the better big-league team this season, but somehow the Cubs keep making the better long-term decisions.

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