Have the NFL and referees finally come to an agreement? | Bleader

Have the NFL and referees finally come to an agreement?


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New NFL replacement refs
  • John Storr
  • New NFL replacement refs
Not necessarily.

"The league and referees have agreed to create a developmental program as a compromise to the NFL's demand for the addition of 21 officials to the current contingent of 121 NFLRA members, per an NFLRA source."

Exciting, that.

Ted Cox wrote on the Bleader on September 7:

Back on the field, the NFL is courting a potential disaster, and the other major sports can yuk it up at its expense, but there are larger ramifications. As Cubs TV color analyst Bob Brenly is fond of pointing out, we're approaching the point where computer video can absolutely determine a ball or strike far better than the human eye can. Why not call all the on-field officials home and leave everything to the eyes in the sky we're all seeing?

On Monday, a "potential disaster" happened.

Ted toldja so.

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