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Paper Mice on WHPK's Pure Hype


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Paper Mices most recent album, The Funny Papers
  • Paper Mice's most recent album, The Funny Papers
WHPK's Pure Hype has been broadcasting Chicago's more unconventional musical acts live on the air for many years now, and earlier this month the show opened a YouTube channel to share videos of the performances it hosts in the University of Chicago's record library. The first band featured in the series is local trio Paper Mice, who deliver a killer set of what could probably be best described as "math-pop."

This band is an absolute fury live. Off-kilter rhythms, complicated switch-ups, an incredible range of voices and dynamics—it all puts these guys on a higher musical plane. Each member operates in some sort of outsider-virtuoso zone, and somehow they manage to make the bizareness of what they're playing palatable and catchy. The video below is a prime example of what makes Paper Mice so great live. Drummer John Carroll has a technique that's almost hypnotizing—you'll find it hard to take your eyes off him. I've been trying to make sense of these songs, but it's damn near impossible.

Paper Mice return to the university on October 4 for a back-to-school show with fellow weirdo locals Ono and Unmanned Ship.