12 O'Clock Track: Living by Lanterns, "Forget B" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: Living by Lanterns, "Forget B"


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At last year's Chicago Jazz Festival drummer and bandleader Mike Reed debuted a project called the Myth/Science Assembly that included stellar players from Chicago and the east coast. It was part of an ongoing initiative launched by Experimental Sound Studio that enlists artists to create new work from sound materials in the Sun Ra/El Saturn Collection, which is housed in the organization's Creative Audio Archive. (Previous participants include Todd Carter of TV Pow and Damon Locks with Terri Kapsalis.) Together with vibist Jason Adasiewicz, Reed wrote new pieces using fragments of music and conversation contained on more than 700 hours of tape. The group was terrific in concert, recalling Sun Ra's Arkestra while carving out its own contemporary space. Reed, Adasiewicz, and the rest of the lineup—saxophonists Greg Ward and Ingrid Laubrock, cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum, cellist Tomeka Reid, guitarist Mary Halvorson, bassist Joshua Abrams, drummer Tomas Fujiwara, and electronics primitivist Nick Butcher—headed into Electrical Audio after the festival and recorded the material, which has just been released by Cuneiform. The ensemble has changed its name to Living by Lanterns, though a trace of the old one remains in the album title, New Myth/Old Science. I've only had a chance to listen to the record once so far, but it sounds killer, bringing clarity and force to the instrumental detail that often gets lost in performances at Petrillo. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is from New Myth/Old Science.