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12 O'Clock Track: Jack of Heart, "Marry Me"


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In Yer Mouth by Jack of Heart
  • In Yer Mouth by Jack of Heart
I was lucky enough to play Gonerfest in Memphis last week on the same night as the Oblivians, Slug Guts, and Jack of Heart. It was a total honor and a complete blast. Upon arrival at the Hi-Tone, my bandmates and I were whisked to the back room and shown a garbage can filled to the brim with ice and canned beer. The second thing I spotted back there was a scruffy-looking dude changing into a white thong and fishnets. It was kind of like, "Hey, welcome to Memphis, here's a strange dude's schlong!"

I spotted this guy a few times as the night went on; he was wandering around in his lingerie, mingling and acting kind of zany but not really talking. I figured he was insane, homeless, or on drugs and didn't really think much else of it. But when I looked to the stage as French quartet Jack of Heart was setting up, I realized that he was the lead singer. He wasn't crazy—he was just French!

The singer's persona fit the band's bizarre sound perfectly. Jack of Heart plays jumpy, disjointed garage rock with a heavy dose of far-out psychedelia. Today's 12 O'Clock Track,"Marry Me" sounds like a tune from the Syd Barrett solo catalog transformed into something upbeat and fun: it's super damaged and really weird, but it'll still make you smile and dance.

The song is from this year's In Yer Mouth, available via Born Bad Records. Jack of Heart will be in town on Sat 10/6, playing Reggie's Rock Club with Tav Falco and the Cheater Slicks.

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