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12 O'Clock Track: Wussy, "Pulverized"


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Whenever I'm on a weekend vacation in my homeland of Cincinnati—like the one I just returned from—two destinations require visits. One is the Comet, an unassuming bar in the Northside neighborhood with a more-than-solid cheap beer cooler, a game-changing jerked-tofu burrito, and a modest "stage" that hosts an impressive schedule of music (Joan of Arc's Victor Villareal was playing solo on my Friday visit). The other location is Shake It Records, one of the country's best record stores. You can accuse me of being a homer, fine, but in terms of vinyl selection and affordability and other cool shit—including toys and cracked-out literature—Shake It rules, absolutely and totally.

Like many successful, in-the-know record stores, Shake It also runs a small label. The catalog is Cincinnati-centric, needless to say, with releases including a very out-of-print vinyl pressing of the National's Cherry Tree EP (much of the band is from Cincy, though they formed in New York) and a nice selection of albums by Wussy, a revered outfit of indie all-stars that rose from the ashes of the Ass Ponys.

Speaking of Wussy, which the Reader has done repeatedly (and which Whet Moser of Chicago Magazine very recently did), I was lucky enough to catch them during my trip to Cincy. Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Pulverized," is from last year's Strawberry. It also appears on the recent Buckeye, a 17-track compilation of bourbon-soaked, twangy Americana that covers the band's 11-year history.

Wussy opens for the Afghan Whigs at Metro on Fri 10/26.

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