One Sip: North Shore's Silver Lining Liqueur (can you guess what's inside it?) | Bleader

One Sip: North Shore's Silver Lining Liqueur (can you guess what's inside it?)


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Every year our friends at Lake Bluff's North Shore Distillery create a single batch limited release, taking one of their standard spirits and infusing it with something wacky. Last year it was a sloe gin style elderberry liqueur. The year before that it was a bottled Corpse Reviver, and before that a cacao bean and poblano infusion. Wild stuff.

This year's release was unleashed last week. Called Silver Lining, it's based on a German krauter liqueur, a disgestif typically made from a blend of herbs and botanicals. They're often bitter, often sweet and syrupy, sometime medicinal. You may be familiar with its Italian cousin, amaro, or with its most infamous expression: Jagermeister.

Silver Lining is significantly boozier than Jaeger (42 percent ABV versus 35 percent), and after tasting a sample North Shore's Sonja Kassebaum sent along, I can tell you it tastes a hell of a lot better. It has a cloudy amber color and should be shaken before being poured. I'm guessing the sediment at the bottom is residue from the cacao beans and Metropolis Coffee they used. It is an awful lot like amaro. It hits the tongue round and sweet, then sharpens with something spicy, and finishes with a long, lingering coffee note.

There are a bunch of herbs and botanicals in it, and North Shore's not saying which ones. But you can take a guess. E-mail your top three to and you'll be entered in a drawing to win some unspecified stuff on November 9.

I'm gonna guess cinnamon, ginger, and—what the hell?—wormwood.

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