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The Honest Truthiness: clips from Monday night's boozy debate



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To be perfectly honest, Monday's Honest Truth party/debate was really interesting and very fun, and that's not just a couple of glasses of 312 talking. Props to the moderator, WBEZ's Justin Kaufmann, and the panel, who made this politics stuff seem almost unantagonistic as they addressed such issues as whether the Illinois Republican party will rise again and who would be the better mayor: Rahm, Daley, or Kelsey Grammer as Starz's Boss.

Our pals at NBC livestreamed the debate for everyone unlucky enough not to be there. Here are a few of the livelier moments, starting with Reader politics reporter Mick Dumke on whether Obama lived up to his promises. His grade for the president brought a couple of interesting answers.

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Later on, conservative Columbia College student Taylor Rockhill told the crowd that, based on what he'd seen of English politics, "it is completely and totally possible to be conservative and believe in gay marriage."

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Playwright Ike Holter and Chicago Young Republican Buffy Bains got into it a bit over whether people should vote on social issues. Turns out identity politics is a tough nut to crack in any forum.

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Rounding out the panel was Daniel Krieglstein, the first guy to line up for the Grant Park election party in '08. Keep an eye out for more Honest Truth programming in the coming months!