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Newspaper circulation as simple as ABC



An era long past
  • Dori
  • An era long past
It's a time to boast. The Audit Bureau of Circulations has released its latest circulation figures, and the Reader's new big brother, the Sun-Times, tops metropolitan Chicago with a Monday-Friday circulation average of 432,455. That's 11.07 percent growth over the last year. And it tops the Tribune's daily circulation of 411,960—down 3.2 percent.

At the Reader, we're doing more than cheering the Sun-Times on. We're contributing. As a "branded edition" of the Sun-Times since Sun-Times Media bought us in June, our circulation over the past 16 weeks counts too. The total Sun-Times Monday-Friday circulation includes the weekly circulation of the Reader divided by five.

If this sounds like apples and oranges to you, and you wonder what the free weekly circulation of the Reader has to do with the paid daily circulation of the Sun-Times, I share your confusion, but we're living in a new world. This is circulation as the papers want to count it, and there's also a digital component. For instance, the total daily circulation of the Sun-Times alone (minus the Reader, the Pioneer Press papers, and the other dailies and weeklies that make up Sun-Times Media) is a reported 263,292, while the daily print circulation of the Sun-Times alone is 192,360.

A few years ago, that would have been the number the Sun-Times had to live or die with. No longer.