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12 O'Clock Track: Geronimo!, "Into the Sun"



The fuzzy guitar and live-wire solos on Geronimo!'s new album, Exanimate, are part of an aesthetic that walks the well-traveled path of 90s grunge revivalism. And that's fine by me. The local trio has an angsty earnestness I find appealing, probably because vocalist Kelly Johnson occasionally sounds a bit like Michael Stipe.

Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Into the Sun," is the album's best cut, with a huge sound—heavy on the drums especially—that might as well be an homage to Butch Vig, even though the similarities are more in spirit than in the details of the mix. Geronimo! has a good bit of Mudhoney's scuzzy fierceness, almost but never quite tipping into punk. Very solid effort.

Geronimo! opens for Zath and Roomrunner tonight at the Empty Bottle. It's free, y'all.