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The Reader did election night


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Obamaniacs: don't go to Grant Park tonight. There's not going to be another massive election party there this time around, or even a small one. Obama is accepting or conceding the presidency from McCormick Place and the party won't be open to the public, just campaign staffers (and some press, including us). Instead, watch the election right here on the Bleader with the Reader staff.

Chicago won't have another transcendental moment, so we're going out to capture the little moments as the city watches the votes get tallied in a long night of live coverage. We're tailing alderman Robert Fioretti as he makes his rounds through his near south-side ward, checking in with the voters and kicking the tires of the voting machines. We're grabbing a drink with Green Party congressional candidate Nancy Wade and her handful of voters at the Globe Pub. We'll be at Second City, mingling with the improv show audience—and hoping the cast will be taking its cues from the returns as they come in. Then up Clark to Wiener's Circle, where racial politics and drunks mix like a bad campaign ad. We'll be stopping in at a homeless shelter, because poverty hasn't exactly been a focal point in this election, not to mention trying to find Republicans who'll talk to us. We're hanging out at McCormick Place to report on the party you're missing, and we may even send an intern to Grant Park in case an impromptu party springs up around a WiFi hotspot.

Join us for all that a little after 6 PM, once polls start to close here and around the country. We'll be sharing a stream of reports from around the city that will last at least as long as the uncertainty does. Leave us open on a tab at your election party or check in from your phone at the bar where you're drowning your worries—we'll be tweeting. You're not going to find hope and change anywhere else. Asher Klein

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