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12 O'Clock Track: Pedro the Lion, "Priests and Paramedics"


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I'm a fan of Pedro the Lion's 2002 album Control, so I got pretty excited when I heard the news that Pedro founder David Bazan planned to play the whole thing on a tour celebrating new reissues of Pedro's back catalog; Bazan and his band stop at Metro tonight.

Bazan is a fantastic songwriter with a knack for storytelling, and it really shows on Control, a concept album about the ripple effects of one man's infidelity. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is one of my favorite tunes from Control, "Priests and Paramedics."

"Priests and Paramedics" is a powerful, mournful song about the central character's untimely demise and depressing funeral; Bazan's omniscient narrator jumps from neighborhood gossip ("The neighbors heard a fight / Someone had a knife") to one priest's angst ("We go to so much trouble to postpone the unavoidable / And prolong the pain of being alive"). Stream it below, and while you're at it, check out Jessica Hopper's wonderful 2009 Reader cover story on Bazan.

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